Revolutionizing Beauty Services with Lumy Beauty App

Client: Lumy Beauty

Industry: Beauty and Personal Care

Challenge: Lumy Beauty sought a digital solution to streamline beauty service appointments, enhance client interaction, and manage bookings efficiently.

Solution: Teggior developed the Lumy Beauty App, a comprehensive platform allowing users to browse services, book appointments, and interact with beauty professionals in real-time. The app features an intuitive interface and robust functionalities for both customers and beauty professionals.

Key Features:

Service Catalog

Users can browse and select from a wide range of beauty services.

Appointment Booking

Easy booking process with available time slots for each professional.

Real-Time Chat

In-app chat feature for direct communication between clients and beauty professionals.

Secure Payments

Integration of Stripe Connect for seamless and secure payments, including platform fee management.

Admin Panel

Comprehensive admin panel for managing services, appointments, and payments.

Key Features:

Appointment Requests:

Clients can easily request appointments via the app or website.

Barber Dashboard:

Barbers receive and manage appointment requests efficiently.

Secure Payments:

Integration of Stripe for secure payment processing and platform fees.

Real-Time Notifications:

Instant notifications for both clients and barbers to ensure smooth communication.

Secure Authentication

OAuth 2.0 authentication ensures secure access to the platform while protecting user data.

Project Scope

The scope of the project encompassed the following key deliverables:

Development of a user-friendly web application accessible via browsers.

Creation of a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Your website will look amazing on any device, from smartphones to desktops.

Integration of secure authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Design and deployment of a scalable backend infrastructure to support high traffic volumes.

Technologies Used


Improved User Engagement

User-friendly interface and real-time chat boosted client engagement and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined booking process and integrated payment system reduced administrative tasks.

Business Growth

Increased appointment bookings and client retention contributed to overall business growth.

The Barber Web and App platform developed by Teggior has delivered tangible benefits to our client, including:

Increased efficiency in appointment scheduling and management.

Enhanced client engagement and satisfaction through streamlined booking processes.

Improved operational transparency and communication between barbers and clients.

Reduction in appointment no-shows and associated revenue losses.

Positive feedback from users regarding the user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

Our Visual Design

Client Testimonial:

“Working with Teggior on our invoices app was a game-changer. Their team developed a user-friendly application and an efficient admin panel that transformed our supermarket interactions. The paperless technology not only enhances customer convenience but also supports our sustainability goals. Our startup is growing rapidly, and we couldn’t have done it without their expertise. Highly recommended!” – Salim Alshaya

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